How to remove every single trace of pet urine?

This can be done by combining a pet urine stain and odor remover with a detector. The Urine Gone Deluxe Kit with Light provides you with this tandem that will ensure that all pet urine stains and odors are gone fast.

Locate unnoticeable pet urine stains. If your pet dog and cat made pee-pee on the floor or the furniture quite some time ago, it might have dried up and you wouldn't know where to find it. With the black light that is included in the kit, you can locate the dried up urine.

Make sure that the room is in total darkness when using this black light. Then, you can use it like a flashlight to inspect the floor and furniture to see if there are pet urine stains. Old or new, the stains will appear.

Urine Gone is sprayed on the area that needs to be treated. That's all you have to do. Allow it to dry and you will notice that the stain and bad smell of pet urine is gone. It has an enzymatic action to will remove urine, its residue, and odors. Urine Gone eliminates these easily with the capacity of molecular activity. It attacks the molecules of the urine to break it down, get rid of the stain, and erase foul odor.

Prevent pets from urinating in the same spot again. Animals urinate in certain place to mark their territory. If there is no longer any trace of smell of their urine along with the subtle clean smell of Urine Gone, they will not be inclined to pee in the same area again.

To totally remove any pet urine stains, the thorough way to do with hardly any effort is by using the Urine Gone Deluxe Kit with Light.

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