Style hair with Twist N Clip, the newest hair accessory that locks in place. Create a whole load of hairstyles to suit your mood and lifestyle. This Twist N Clip review has the coolest hair clip that has more styling power than any other hair accessory!

Twist N Clip Review

No matter what hair color you have, the Twist N Clip matches it.

Twist N Clip tames the wildest locks and fluffs up the thinnest hair.

Want to keeps the style looking great the whole day?
Want to never have another bad hair day?
Want to own a hair accessory that is easy to use?

Use Twist N Clip!

Other hair styling accessories may either damage your hair or be noticeable.

Rubber bands, bobby pins, hair clamps, hair ties, snake ties, hair clips, the art of hair styling with those is a skill and takes a lot of effort.

With Twist N Clip, one may have an updo in less than 2 minutes. All you have to do get a French Twist is to:

Gather the hair you want to secure.
Twist the hair 2 to 4 times while pulling upwards.
Open the Twist N Clip.
Slide into place.
Lock it in like a safety pin.

There are more hair styles that may be done - and how to do all of these and more are detailed in the Twist N Clip Style Guide.

Twist N Clip Review's Offer

For the low price of 10 dollars plus P&H, this Twist N Clip review's package deal includes:

3 Twist 'N Clips in your choice of Black, Bronze, or Blonde
A Crystal Glass Tattle Tail
The Twist N Clip Style Guide

And, just pay for the P&H and you may get for FREE an additional 3 pieces of Twist 'N Clips in the same color and a Black Faceted Crystal Tattle Tail.

Styling your hair is now easy, fast, and has the power of versatility with

Twist N Clip.