I've been tweezing my eyebrows and chin area for years, and it's such a pain. But I bought myself a Tweeze hair remover and now my old tweezer is just collecting dust.

I had seen the informercials for things like the Tweeze for a long time, but I never really thought these "epilator" things were really worth the money since my stray facial hairs were always manageable with just a tweezer. As I got older, my weekly beauty routine became hour tweeze-fest -- what a pain! But now, the Emojoi Tweeze thingy cut that time down to about 10 minutes once every two weeks or so.

I've had other friends that say they get their face waxed every few weeks, but that sounds just awful, expensive and more painful than anything. Not to mention, I have somewhat sensitive skin, so all those weird chemicals would probably make me look like a monster.

I read some other Tweeze hair removal reviews and they were quite harsh about the little pain. I'm not a tough girl by any means, and the Tweeze was at about the same level as a normal tweezer. It's not painless, but you're pulling the hair out by the root, so you can't expect no pricks at all. As I used the Tweeze for a while, the pain was almost gone. The hair that I Tweezed also got finer and harder to see as I went on.

Anyone wondering how to tweeze eyebrows with as little effort as possible, check out the Tweeze, it's really a wonderful solution to an extremely common problem. When my friends complain about unsightly hairs I tell them about the Tweeze right away.

Treat yourself and buy Tweeze online you won't regret it!