Have you ever wished you had a cinematic experience while you’re out jogging, on the beach, on breaks at the office, or just while sitting on a couch at home? If you’ve ever exercised on a treadmill while at the gym, you know that even if there are large-screen TVs showing movies, the experience is pretty flat as oftentimes the sounds are muted while gym music blares out loud.  And although you’ve got accessories for jogging while listening to music, there’s nothing that makes you watch videos while running – not till TV Hat came into the picture. This great invention can be worn outdoors or indoors and gives you just the right cinematic experience you want out of your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod or other digital video players.

At first glance the TV Hat has a cap with a visor pretty much like ordinary caps. But it has a pouch below the visor. Insert your iPod, iPhone or digital video player into the pouch and bring down the flaps with black out sides. A custom lens can also be brought down and this serves to magnify whatever you are viewing. You have a theatrical experience right where you are. Even if you’re on the beach, the glare of the sun does not interfere with your viewing experience as it is totally dark when you wear the TV Hat. Catch up on episodes or videos you still haven’t watched. Even if you are at the doctor’s waiting your turn, taking a long train ride, working out at the gym, killing time at the airport or on coffee break at the office, the portable TV Hat allows you some downtime to catch your favorite video. And when you’re all done, just fold up the TV Hat and it can be easily stored.

Leisure time is now that much more portable when you can watch all the videos you want with TV Hat – anytime, anywhere.

Order TV Hat from www.asseenontv.com