Try Eggies, the innovative way to cook eggs. Imagine, a perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs with ingredients inside! You've never seen anything like it. No longer do your hard boiled eggs have to be plain. You can turn them into a wonderful snack or even a meal dish.

Eggies cooks the eggs without the shell. Crack an egg open, drop the egg into the receptacle, cover, and boil. You can omit putting in the egg yolk, and double up the egg whites to create a low-cholesterol whole egg. You may add various ingredients into the container such as chopped herbs, minced meat, shredded chicken, flaked tuna, or anything that your heart desires. How about a boiled egg with colorful vegetables such as corn, green peas, carrots, and bell peppers? What a delight it would be to see such an egg.

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Try Eggies to make fantastic Easter Eggs. You can put in something fun in the middle of an Eggies egg like a sweet treat. Just make sure that all that you place inside is edible. After which when the eggs are cooked you can tint them using food coloring. Make any holiday a special occasion or even any meal something new and exciting when you Try Eggies.

Try Eggies when you make dishes that requires boiled eggs. Need hard boiled eggs to decorate your paella? How about making an egg salad? How about deviled eggs? Gone are the days that you have to cool down the egg before peeling them. With Eggies, when they are cooked, you are done.

This Try Eggies review gives you a freebie, instead of getting one you get two! At the low price of only $10, you can finally make hard boiled eggs without the shell and a whole load of egg included dishes. Included in the giveaways is a handy egg slicer so you can come out with a more varied presentation and with this review, you get double of that, too.

Try Eggies today. Your gonna love this new way to cook eggs.