Grow your own supersized tomatoes with the Tomato Giant plant! Large, juicy, thick fleshy tomatoes with all the healthy goodness and the freshness can be yours to harvest from your garden or container garden with this As Seen On TV Tomato Giant plant that bears the most wonderful tomatoes!

Tomatoes are easy to grow and this kind of tomato plant grows fast! In 90 days, just three short months, you'll have a plant that'll be as taller that the average man as it can grow up to 8 feet high and this can be done even if there's no garden as it can be planted in a large container.

The tomatoes that'll be harvested can be as heavy as 2 pounds each! That's a big tomato indeed and one that you can get freshly picked when it ripens on this fantastic Tomato Giant plant from As Seen On TV.

The amazing thing about growing this tomato plant is to watch it grow as it does grow fast and the little green tomatoes will get larger and turn into the wonderful color of red! The awesome thing about the Tomato Giant is that the harvest will be bountiful as each plant can grow up to 60 pounds of tomatoes and one can harvest weekly!

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Imagine, harvesting these supersized tomatoes at the perfect ripeness! And, with this As Seen On TV offer, you'll be able to harvest 180 pounds from the 3 Tomato Giant plants and more from the Big Earlies tomato plants that you'll be getting for free! Now that's a lot of tomatoes and the most wonderful ones at that! Buy your Tomato Giant plants while this As Seen On TV special offer is still on!