I got one of these As Seen on TV Tomato Giant plants a while back, and had to share how awesome they really are.

Tomatoes are probably one of my top-five favorite foods, I have at least one every day on a sandwich, in a salad or along with whatever I'm cooking. But getting good tomatoes can get really, really expensive. I've tried a few of the grow-your-own indoor plants, but they either didn't grow very well (I'm not such a green thumb) or they produced really small tomatoes at a really slow rate. There just weren't enough tomatoes for me to eat, so I wound up going to the store to get more anyway.

But about four months ago, I got my Tomatoes Giant seed pods in the mail for $10. And within two months the plants were producing some tomatoes , now they're just going crazy! My tomato tree is about four feet tall. And as I said before, I'm not that good of a gardener -- but even I can grow tons of tomatoes!

These aren't those dinky tomatoes either, one beefy monster tomato makes two tomato sandwiches, a salad, and even a bit of salsa -- and that's after I nibble away while slicing them. I've started just handing out tomatoes to all my friends and neighbors, I simply can't eat all the fruit my plant produces.

I've even started canning some of the tomatoes and making my own super-fresh pasta sauce. I'll never buy tomatoes again!

For the $10 you get three of the tomato trees and three normal vine tomato plants. I only planted one of the trees, and it's more than enough. I sent another to a friend in California, he said his plant is up to six feet tall!

I can't recommend the Tomato Giant enough, if you love tomatoes nearly as much as I do, buy Tomato Giant now!