OK, I must say the Tobi steamer As Seen on TV is the greatest invention ever!
Alright, maybe not the greatest invention ever, but wow, does it do the trick. I can finally remove wrinkles without iron ing and it looks like a cute little robot.

I really hate ironing, who doesn’t, but I've tried those steamer bags, home steamers and just gave up and have been brining my laundry to the dry cleaners. It's expensive, but I really don’t like to mess with wrinkled clothes.

So, I've been pinching pennies just to do my laundry, which is super annoying! That was until I saw the cutest home clothes steamer ever on an infomercial: the Tobi steam iron!

I ordered it right away, there was a Tobi steam cleaner free trial offer, so I thought, "What can I lose!"

I set it up and was amazed at how effective it was right off the bat. I just hung my hanger on the garment hanger and moved the steam spout over my clothes. The wrinkles were gone immediately!

I never thought something so cheap and so easy could work so well. The Tobi even came with a handy travel steamer to use on the road and a pair of super-useful attachments: one to clean upholstery and a lint brush to clean all the cat hair off my clothes. I decided to keep it after the free trial and use it a couple times a week, I've saved hundreds of dollars on dry cleaning!

The best part, for me at least, is how neat it looks. I can just leave it in the corner and friends ask what that mod little thing is -- then I make them test it out haha! Not to mention, it doesn’t damage your clothes like irons do.

Keep your clothes looking fresh and new longer. Go get your Tobi free trial and start steaming!