ez grillThe original EZ Grill is a handy, portable, disposable charcoal grill that is great for sampling an authentic BBQ taste anywhere from beach outings, camps and picnics to summer parties, patio get togethers and emergencies like the hurricane. Made from environmentally friendly recycled material, EZ Grill is high on an authentic charcoal grille taste yet surprisingly light on your pocket. It is really easy to operate, has your meal ready in a relatively short span of time and is totally mess-free. The handy product takes care of the entire grilling process, however you still have to arrange for the matches and make up your mind on the item to be grilled. But that’s about all that you’ve got to do to enjoy a scrumptious grilled meal.

EZ Grill lights with a single match, has the durability to cook for up to 1 ½ hours at a time, is an environmentally friendly device and uses 100% natural coal resources to cook your meal. It’s compact, lightweight and flexible design makes it easy to carry the EZ Grill just about anywhere at any time of the day.

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The product saves you the unnecessary trouble of carrying a bulky and unhygienic grill, which serves the same purpose, all over the place. A complete natural charcoal usage means your food is not smothered by chemicals unlike other grills available in the market. EZ Grill offers you the option of selecting the product from four attractive set choices-you can pick from the regular, party size or two combo choices.

EZ Grill is ideal for a quick ‘meal on the move’ if you travel a lot or entertain very often or even if you are looking for a fuss-free and more organized way to grill for house parties. The portable and disposable feature of EZ makes it extremely adroit to carry around and quickly open and use whenever needed. Picnics and backyard barbeque parties just got more fun, enjoyable and hassle-free!