How to peel potatoes fast?

Without a peeler – Tater Mitts takes the skin of potatoes and some other food items.

Peeling potatoes is grunt work and a two-handed job. To peel potatoes is what many call Punishment Detail, Kitchen Patrol, or Spud Bashing. If there was a mountain of potatoes to tackle for the troops - that is one of the most unwanted kitchen tasks to do.

For a long time, new kinds of potato peelers have constantly been invented. The ordinary peeler comes in a variety of designs, all created to make this task easier. To make the work load possible for potato product manufacturers, there are even potato peeling machines.

With Tater Mitts, the work load lightens and the risk of getting cut from using a peeler or knife is totally eliminated.

Plus, the skin that is peeled off is very thin. These potato peelers remove just the unwanted skin and leaves more of the root crop than any kind of peeler or knife can do. Save more of the potato, just peel the skin off with these unique potato peelers.

Tater Mitts are a pair of waterproof gloves. These have an abrasive surface that will aid in scraping of the skin of potatoes and other food stuff that need to be peeled. Other food items that can be peeled using Tater Mitts, to name a few, are carrots and apples.

Tater Mitts: Peels Potatoes Fast

To use: Hold a potato with these gloves under running water and rub firmly to peel off skin. Keep on rubbing all sides until all the skin has been removed. This whole process will take around 8 seconds per potato.

Tater Mitts, the newest kind of potato peeler that helps make this common kitchen task less of a chore.

Why peel potatoes the old way when you can do in less than ten seconds with the assurance of  preventing a wound from being cut by a peeler or knife?

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