I just got a Swivel Sweeper in the mail, and my floors (not to mention my guests) are thanking me!

I love to have a clean house, but it's so much work. I'm always looking for the next cool cleaning gadget. That mean, of course, I have a closet full of vacuum hoses, super dusters and a slew of "the best broom ever."

I got a Swiffer Sweeper not too long ago, and it was pretty nice, but it only worked on my hardwood floors.

The Swivel Sweeper is a lot like the Swiffer, but it's a real vacuum and can go on carpets too!

After I started using the Swivel Sweeper, my Swiffer went right into the closet of cleaning junk.

The As Seen on TV Swivel Sweeper parts are all put together so well to make for a wonderfully ingenious machine.

The Swivel Sweeper has a lot of really great features:

  • It swivels 360 degrees
  • Swivel Sweeper has electronic sweeping brushes on all four sides
  • It contains an easily removable dust tray
  • Vacuum-like brushes allow easy cleaning of floors, carpets and tile
  • Swivel Sweeper has a handle that extends to 4 feet

My favorite thing was that the Swivel Sweeper weighed only 2 pounds, so it was really to clean stairs, hard to reach spots -- I could even clean this little patch of carpeted wall with it! I could maneuver the light little vacuum around anything with one hand.

The electronic sweeper is also cordless and battery powered. I'll never be pulling my vacuum cord around a tight corner or unplugging it in the middle of the room. As funny as it sounds, it was quite freeing. I could use it where I would have used a handheld vacuum to do a quick clean of spilled chips or crumbs.

The battery lasts a whopping 45 minutes! It was more than enough time to clean all my floors including the stairs.

Stop sitting around wishing it wasn't such a pain to clean and go buy Swivel Sweeper, you'll be happy you did.