sunmateSunMate™ is great for monitoring and measuring sun exposure to avoid the harsh ultraviolet rays and make your time in the sun more fun and healthy than hazardous. The compact product helps keep track of the intensity of the sun at the click of a button so you can quickly take preventive measures for a more effective sun protection regime. The sleek, handy and lightweight product also made it to the top of the list of “Best Beach Tech” products announced by Shape Magazine in 2009 for its ingenious design and resourceful feature.

You can use the SunMate UV Meter anywhere from a beach or a pool to when you are outdoors golfing, fishing, boating, playing softball, picnicking by the river or even while you are working in the yard. It is also handy for those biking, walking, hiking and running trips or when you just feel like heading to the park with kids in tow on a bright, sunny noon.

Sun protection becomes much less complicated with this devise since you aren’t left playing the guessing game about the intensity of the harmful UV Rays and powered by sufficient knowledge, you can take prompt preventive measures for a healthier skin.

SunMate™ is extremely simple to operate and understand and all that you need to do to kick start its function is to press a white button located on the top end of the monitor. The LED indicators will then flash between 1 and 5 according to the intensity of the UV rays. A petite, handy and compact design makes it easy to carry the product in purses, beach bags, sports kits and backpacks alike.

SunMate UV Meter
is a practical product that helps gauge the UV index accurately to equip you with precise information for taking adequate prevention measures against harmful effects of the sun.