Sunbrushed Tan Sunless Tanning FormulaEveryone looks better with an even, golden-brown tan – the problem lies in actually achieving it. Over exposure to the sun can be dangerous, causing your skin to burn or blister and if the over exposure continues over time there is a possibility of contracting skin cancer.

There are a number of sprays on tanning systems on the market; but they can be difficult to apply, sometimes requiring an addition person and even with that extra person you may still get streaks. You could go to a salon for an airbrush tan, but that can be expensive and time consuming.

If you want a perfectly even, easy to apply and completely safe tan – the best option for you is the Sunbrushed Tan. The Sunbrushed Tan isn’t a spray or lotion, in fact it isn’t like any other person tanning solution on the market. You wash it on with the soft, microfiber application cloth and in just over five minutes you have a completely even, head to toe tan that rivals any expensive faux tan you would get from a salon.

Sunbrushed Tan is FDA approved, so you can feel confident that is in completely safe to use, and you perfectly even and golden tan will last for days. The kit comes with everything you need for the application process and easy to follow instructions so that you can achieve the perfect full body tan, without the need for any help form others, in under ten minutes. Why you risk your health, spend too much money or get a potentially blotchy or uneven tan from other sources when you can have a perfect and affordable tan in minutes with Sunbrushed Tan.

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