StrikeN Set Lure sets the hook automatically when the fish bites. With a rapid recoil chamber at the end, the StrikeN Set Lure makes catching fish easy. No more need to whip the bait as this review will show you how to fish more efficiently.

What can you do to catch more and bigger fish? What factors that make catching them easier? These would include the lure and the hook? Well, if you had a lure that was more attractive and a hook that is high tech, it is possible for you to catch fish with less effort and more accuracy as you will see in this reviews video.

Fish do react when they bite the hook. The rapid recoil chamber will function to prevent the hook from getting out of the mouth. It snaps in place. When the fish bites, the hook will set automatically.

It's so easy to use StrikeN Set Lure. All you have to do is cock it, the cast out the fishing line, and start catching fish. Great for nearly all kinds of fish including bass, pike, muskie, perch, and more. If there is a fish to catch, let StrikeN Set Lure do the task for you.

Prevent the fish that has already bit the lure from getting away with the rapid recoil function of the StrikeN Set Lure. Attract more fish because of the realistic design and vibrant color of these fantastic lures. This reviews offer gives you more value that just a couple of the newest kind of fishing lures. For the low price of $19.99 + $8.95 s&h, the package includes:

2 Strike N' Set Lures
107 pieces of Fishing Gear
A Tackle Box

If you are not satisfied with the number of fish or the size of the one that you catch, then it's time to get a more sophisticated fishing lure set. Old-fashioned hooks just won't do. Even if your fishing rod is old, when you have the StrikeN Set Lure, it will be much easier to catch fish. Level up your fishing skills with your new StrikeN Set Lure.