Cats naturally clean themselves but after eliminating its litter in a litter box, some bits of litter get caught in between the paw pads and when your cat steps out of the litter box, litter pieces could fall in different parts of your floor as your cat walks around. That can be quite an inconvenience as you have to follow your cat to wipe away the litter that fall here and there. Sometimes you just want to walk barefoot around the house but the thought of accidentally stepping on cat litter makes you hesitate. There is a patented modular grid now that solves this dilemma – the StopTrax Kitty Litter.

The StopTrax Kitty Litter’s modular, deep grid design actually forces the cat to spread its toe pads, thus releasing into StopTrax Kitty Litter any litter deposited in between its toe pads. Your order of StopTrax Kitty Litter includes a set of 6 almond-colored squares which you can set in a 2x3 pattern or in one straight row from the litter box’s door. The moment your kitty steps out of her litter box, StopTrax Kitty Litter begins working by catching all the trapped litter between her toe pads. Now, your furnishings and carpets will always be litter-free. And maintenance is so low. You only need to empty StopTrax Kitty Litter about once a month. If before, you hesitated to walk barefooted around your home because you have had litter ‘accidents’, now you can confidently do so without fear of stepping on litter your kitty tracked all over the house.

The company of our pets is something we always love to have but unfortunately, there is often that “cleaning up” that needs to be done. But with StopTrax Kitty Litter, you need not worry about cleaning up after your kitty’s litter because this litter containment system will do that for you.

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