You'll love this Stone Wave Microwave Cooker review! Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE offer! In 5 minutes, bake, cook, with this microwavable stoneware that's perfect for zapping up to create wonderfully delicious and healthy meals fast.

Cooking and baking in a microwave oven is great but more often than not, the food get dry, the texture hardens, and the over-all quality of the dish is diminished. And, most of the time the dishes that may be easily created in a microwave are limited such as soup, lasagna, and roasts.

What if you could zap up breakfast, lunch, and dinner gourmet meals in 5 minutes? Fluffy omelettes, poached eggs, souffles, baked apple slices, make au gratin dishes, shrimp scampi, steamed fish and poultry, and more!

The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is stoneware which is a stronger kind of clay that is chip-resistance. From cooking to serving, this may be used. What makes this stoneware review's featured product different from all the others is is the way it is designed.

The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is a stoneware pot with a cone-like handle and a lid. The custom designed dome makes the heat circulate to evenly cook the food. Steam escapes from the special handle.

There isn't any need to add oil, butter, or lard to cook as with the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker as it is non-stick. This means healthier meals can be easily prepared plus the circulation heat inside the dome makes the flavors of spices and herbs and the natural taste of the ingredient come out with rich flavor.

When you order a Stove Wave that cost only $10, you may get another one for FREE by just paying for the extra shipping and handling fee. And, you'll also get the Stone Wave 5 Minute Recipe Book!

Say goodbye to dry and bland tasting microwaved food when you use your new stoneware.
Get rid of the plastic microwavable stuff and make the eco-friendly switch to Stone Wave Microwave Cooker to cook and bake healthier meals in 5 minutes or less.