How to place an extra bright light without installation?

A Stick N Click light sticks on any flat surface. Peel off the backing, stick, and – a light is ready to turn on with a click.

These round LED lights that emit a multi-directional ambient light. It is battery powered. A single set of 3 AAA batteries will make it run for 100 hours. After that time period, the batteries must be replaced. The purchase of the Stick N Click lights does not include the batteries.

It has a 3M adhesive so that it can be mounted on any flat surface. Installing these lights takes less that a minute. No need for screws, wires, or a switch – the instant light is a Stick N Click.

The Stick N Click was tested by Popular Mechanics. Here's what happened:

First test. A man brought around 3 Stick N Clicks in a room that was totally dark. It illuminated the area. Popular Mechanics stated, "It brightened up our day."

Second test. To see if the batteries would last as stated, it was run for 100 hours. The illumination was full – and these Stick N Click lights did last as promised for the entire 100 hours.

Requires NO Installation

Lights add to safety. Lack of proper lighting is the major cause of trip and fall accidents in the home, especially for the elderly. Placing a light in a dim area such as a step in the staircase would help prevent such accidents.

A Stick N Click is ideal to be placed in dark or dim areas. Enclosed areas such as closets and cabinets can be illuminated well by placing one or more of these lights.

A few steps in the staircase that are insufficiently lit can be illuminated by it. A dark tool shed, the dim area in the garage, an extra light for a child to open when they need to...

There is no longer any need to grope around in a dark cabinet or to carry around a flashlight. Have a light ready to use, anytime, anywhere.

For any area that needs better visibility – solve the problem fast - place a Stick N Click.