Spountin The Faucet FountainBrushing your teeth is supposed to be a time of cleanliness and personal sanitation, but how many times have you found yourself having to drink from your hands once you were done because there was no clean cup around? You could be transferring germs and bacteria from your hands into your mouth, increasing your chances of getting sick.

Worse yet, have you ever tried to drink directly from the faucet and ended up getting soaking wet in the process? Or tried in vain to fill a container that just wouldn’t fit under your faucet?

These problems can be a thing of the past with Spountin, the revolutionary attachment that turns any faucet into your own personal drinking fountain. With Spountin you can quickly and conveniently get a clean, germ free drink without needing and cup and without making a mess. Spountin will also help eliminate the unnecessary and unsanitary clutter of paper and plastic cups around your sink.

With Spountin, filling up tall pitchers, containers and vases is no longer a hassle – it makes no difference whether or not whatever you're trying to fill can fit under the faucet or not, because Spountin can be positioned in the perfect way to fill previously hard (or impossible) to fill containers with ease.

Spountin is easy to install and even easier to use, with just the pull of a lever your regular faucet turns into a safe, clean and fun drinking fountain. Once you’ve got Spountin in place, you’ll immediately begin to notice less mess, less clutter and less dirty dishes. For anyone who wants to make tooth brushing, or just getting a cool drink a cleaner, healthier and more convenient experience – Spountin is a must have.

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