Say goodbye to sore hands with the Sonic Peeler. This 4,000 RPM sonic wonder can peel anything from the most delicate fruits to the hard-skinned foods like potatoes. You need not buy different kinds of peelers depending on what you need to peel. This gadget does it all for you in no time while sparing you the effort and hand soreness usually associated with ordinary peelers.

The Sonic Peeler takes the work out of peeling. How many times have you tried to peel potatoes, for example, and ended up with red, sore fingers? Some peelers are too tiny to handle hard-skinned food so it takes a lot more effort to peel. Other peelers are too large. They may be good for tough peeling jobs but can't handle fine, chocolate shavings or shoestring slices. With the Sonic Peeler, you get three different kinds of blades. There is the Julienne Blade -- perfect for getting those shoestring slices just right. The Light Duty Blade is great for delicate peeling and for most thin-skinned fruits and vegetables. The Heavy Duty Blade handles the toughest jobs. In fact, it is so sharp, it can peel bark from a branch!

The Sonic Peeler is so versatile. It just lets you peel and peel and peel. You can even go from delicate peelings to tough ones just by swapping out one type of blade for another. The Sonic Peeler's handle is fat enough for your hand to comfortably hold it with a firm grasp. Its contour fits the shape of your palm just right.

Carrots, apples, and even delicate tomatoes and parmesan cheese can be peeled with the Sonic Peeler. Having mashed potatoes for a large group of hungry kids and adults? No worries! Peel all the potatoes you need with the Sonic Peeler. At 4,000 revolutions per minute (RPMs), you'll have no trouble at all.

Give the Sonic Peeler away as a gift to friends who love to cook but be sure to order one for yourself as well. This kitchen gadget is a definite MUST in every kitchen.