You know I love the Snuggie, but now the same company has devised the smaller, Snugglette which is perfect for kids.

By now you probably know all about the Snuggie blanket with sleeves, but if you don't, it's basically a really long fleece robe. It's made rounds on all the major TV networks, and has been selling like mad ever since the infomercial started airing. When I first saw the commercial, I had no idea it would be so wildly popular. I mean, I got one and love it, but my friends said I looked like a weirdo. It wasn't until they got their own Snuggie that they saw just how awesome the blanket with sleeves could be!

Their kids, however, simply couldn’t wear the full size Snuggie since it was just so big. So a lot of people asked for a snugger Snuggie for kids. And the Snuggie gods answered with the Snugglette for kids!

As soon as I saw the commercial for the Snugglet, Snuggie for children, I ordered a one. And just like the larger Snuggies, I got a second Snugglette for free -- one pink and one blue. I also got two pairs of really warm slipper socks! I gave the Snugglettes to my niece and nephew and kept the awesome slipper socks for myself. Now the kiddos can enjoy the wonders of the Snuggie too!

The smaller Snuggie lets kids keep their hands free while staying cozy. I thought it was great for adults, but it's even better for kids -- who are always on the go. My nephew loves it for playing videogames and my niece loves it for drawing. And they both love it because it keeps their hands free for movie snacking. I think my nephew said it best when he said, "it's like a walking blanket!"

So, if you need a great gift for kids and want to turn that thermostat down a hair, the Snugglette, Snuggie for children is ideal.

Now the whole family can be decked out in their Snuggies! You might scare the neighbors the first time they see you all in your robes, but get them a set too. Pretty soon these Snuggies will blanket your whole town! I can just see a Snuggie for pets coming soon.

Go online and buy a Snugglette now, any kid will love it!