During cold days and nights, trying to watch TV, cook or work on your computer can be challenging. A blanket could move out of place and expose skin to the bitter cold. Being productive can be difficult when you're shivering from the cold. But when you've got Snuggie on - a thick, luxurious, soft fleeced blanket with oversized, loose-fitting sleeves, you can go about your normal tasks feeling like your room's heater was on. No matter what you do, Snuggie continues to cover you from neck to toes, from shoulders to wrists. Move around and continue your tasks while staying warm. Snuggie takes care of the cold!

Snuggie blankets are designed to look like large, sleeved cloaks that come in different colors as well as in adult and kid sizes. The super large Snuggie fits all adults so family members can interchange them as needed. Since they cover all your extremities, you save on energy bills as you need not turn the thermostat up all the time. The Snuggie keeps you toasty warm while you read a newspaper, watch TV, write or work on a computer or answer the phone. It even lets you work in the kitchen because both your hands are free.

The Snuggie is not just for indoor use. Need to mow the lawn but weather's too nippy? Wear the Snuggie and mowing will be a cinch! Want to watch that outdoor baseball game but it's too cold? Snuggle up inside the Snuggie and enjoy the game in comfort and warmth. After use, just toss it into the washing machine because the Snuggie is totally machine-washable.

Get the Snuggie for every member of the family. Give it away as a practical, affordable gift. Everyone who gets to try it will appreciate the Snuggie and will want to get more for their own families.