Let it Snow in Seconds! Cover an area of 10 feet with fake snow for only $12.99. Non-toxic, instant snow - grab the Snow in Seconds bag, pour the contents into a container, and just add water. You can have it snowing anywhere in less than a minute. It’s the perfect Christmas decor!

There are some ski slopes that have snow all year round. Movies and TV shows show scenes that look like there is a blizzard going on. How to create that special winter effect in your home? Use the original Snow in Seconds.

This fake snow is so easy to make. The powder is placed in a container, water is poured on it, and it will expand up to 100 times. Then, the fake snow is ready to use for you to decorate nearly anything.

There are hardly any limits to what you can do with it, like real snow. This fake snow may be used to cover the floor and even your garden as it is safe to use on plants.

With Snow in Seconds, you can even make snowmen. Get instructions here.

Let it Snow in Your Home!

Turn your home into a winter wonderland. You may live in Nevada and still have a roof covered with snow! If you live in Minnesota, you can have snow even inside your home.

It’s the decorative accent that you have been dreaming off. Place down that fake snow spray can that comes out with such a punny amount.

Create 4 gallons of Snow in Seconds instantly with this reviews holiday offer. If that’s too much, you may just get the one gallon pack. If you want to max it out, then the 8 gallon bag that’s on sale for only $24.99 is the package to pick as you get another gallon for free.

If you have ever used other brands of fake snow, you would have notice that those turn watery and gel-like. Snow in Seconds is the original fake snow and will only get smaller in size after a certain period of time. To fluff it up again, it is just sprayed with water. That’s why this is the fake snow product used by year-around ski slopes as it does last for a long time! Whatever you can do with snow, you may do with this fantastic fake snow.

Spread the cheer this holiday season and have it snowing in your home! It’s an awesome thing to have to play and decorate with. Order your Snow in Seconds today!