Snoreezzz-White-PillowI have been getting awful sleep lately for some reason, probably all the coffee I’ve been drinking at work. I easily wake up two or three times every night because my own snoring wakes me up in the middle of the night.

I’ve tried everything to keep from snoring, but when I get stressed at work and start eating junk -- as often happens -- I start getting to bed later and start snoring as soon as I doze off. All this makes for a really exaughsting time that creates even more stress.

I found this spot at which I could buy an anti-snoring pillow online and decided to get myself an early Christmas present and hopefully snooze my way into a relaxing holiday.

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The SnoreEzzz sleep pillow pillow promised to keep my head and neck aligned so that even if I were stressed, my body wouldn’t be physically in a position that would make me snore.

SnoreEzzz is great for so many reasons!

  • Hypoallergenic polyester fibers
  • FDA approved for use as a snore-reduction aid
  • Practical as a backrest because of the strength of the foam base
  • Aligns the head and spine for a more comfortable sleep
  • Cheap compared to other sleep aid pillows
  • Completely washable

I was sold at the stop snoring aspect of the pillow, but those others were great bonuses. So I ordered it and didn’t stop snoring during the couple weeks while waiting for it to arrive.
When it did come, I was pretty happy with my under $60 investment.

The first night I got a good night’s sleep without waking up a single time due to snoring. It was a nice soft pillow on top, but on the bottom it had a stiff foam pad that kept it in place and helped keep my neck up away from the bed top and in line with my head. It really helped stop my snoring.Pillow

The pillow physically keeps your neck and head in line, so, I think it would work the same for everyone – basically keeping you in a more natural position through the night. I think it would even stop sleep apnea since the muscles that cause snoring wouldn’t be in a such a bad position.

I love it, I haven't found any problems with it and like to use it as a backrest too since I love to watch TV in bed. It could be a great option to stop your husband’s snoring, stop your snoring or save a friend friend from their loved one’s snoring.

A lot of people have been raving about it lately. Now you can buy SnoreEzzz snore pillow online.

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