Are you tired of sleeping on uncomfortable chairs or seats when sleep catches you on a train, plane, or any vehicle? Now, you won’t have trouble sleeping in any of those because with the Slumber Mitt, you can always get that much-needed rest while you’re on the go. Slumber Mitt is a portable travel pillow which supports your head and neck area without straining them. When you insert your hand inside, you can position it in any angle to give you the utmost comfort there is. Made from high-quality materials, the faux mink fur is hypoallergenic and so soft to the touch that it helps lull you to sleep comfortably and easily.

The Slumber Mitt can be used at home or while you’re traveling by land, air or sea. You can doze off for just a few minutes or a couple of hours in just about any place with the Slumber Mitt. Because it is lightweight and portable, simply unroll it and insert your hand inside. When you're not using it, the Slumber Mitt is so easy to keep as it does not take up much space. Just roll it up and attach its strap to the handle of your luggage or backpack. To preserve the softness of the material, the cover can be removed, machine washed, and air dried. Maintaining this simple process will lengthen the life of your Slumber Mitt for many years to come. This wonderful sleeping accessory can be used by both adults and children, and is a great idea as a gift too.

Make the Slumber Mitt your constant companion when you travel. Taking a nap in your home or wherever you are will no longer be a problem with Slumber Mitt. Anytime, anywhere, Slumber Mitt is the perfect way to catch a few winks on the go.