If you've read any of my reviews, you know that I've been jumping on different diet fads with decent success but not a lot of follow through (I love those free trials).

I saw an ad for Slim Easy Pro and figured it would be another product with the same stuff as all the other shakes like Slim Fast. I signed up and waited for it to arrive.

When it arrived, I opted not to start it for a few days since the shakes I had tried before were either tasteless or felt like I was drinking grainy, muddy water.

The Slim Easy Pro shakes, however, tasted great!

Of the seven choices of flavors, I got Oreo, and it actually tasted like Oreo cookies, it was awesome. Other choices were Reeses, Chocolate, Coffee, Cheesecake, Apple Pie and Banana. And if they're all as good as the Oreo shake, they actually taste like what they advertise! If you've never tried a shake before, you probably don’t know how strange they taste.

The shake mix is basically an Atkins diet drink: it has only 2 carbs and a minute 10 calories.
It really helped me take control of my appetite. It's also packed with antioxidants like acai berries and green tea.

The 15-day Slim Easy Pro free trial also came with a bonus Atkins bar, it was a tasty little snack, but I never went to the grocery store to buy more or anything.

I wasn’t doing the Atkins diet while I drank the shakes, but even during the short free trial, I lost 9 pounds!

It was a really easy diet. Since they were meal replacement shakes, it was easy to just mix myself a glass or a to-go mug and head to work in the morning or skip my fast food lunch and sip my shake out in the sun and watch the birds.

Take it from me, go sign up for the Slim Easy Pro trial and you'll see how good a diet can actually taste.

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