I've been trying to de-clutter purse and downsize all the junk I carry around with me -- I had nearly given up until I found the Slim Clip!

I had one of those giant purses, so I just keep putting more and more stuff into it. So after about a week, I can't find a dang thing not to mention it takes 10 minutes to pay for anything since I can never find the one check card I need -- ugh! I decided, after years of toting around one massive purse or another, that I really had to simplify my life a little bit. OK, I wanted to get a new purse, but I also kind of wanted to get organized hehe.

So I slimmed down a little bit, purse-wise, but I still had the same problem. If there was room in my purse, I would fill it with total junk. I really needed to find a purse organizer. I'd seen a few products to organize your purse on QVC and Oprah, but I didn’t want some weird clunky thing in my purse either. I just wanted something to hold my money and my cards so I wouldn’t have to go on a fishing trip every time I wanted a cup of coffee.

I was up late one night taking all kinds of receipts, miscellaneous makeup products and random other junk out of my purse when I saw an ad for the Slim Clip -- I had a major "Duh" moment!

I ordered the clip immediately and went on fighting with my purse for the night.

I never thought of just a money clip, I never had much luck with keeping everything in the clip before. All the cards and money would just fall out in my purse anyway, defeating the purpose completely! But when the Slim Clip came I saw how a little change could turn a standard money clip into a brilliant breakthrough! The Slim Clip had wings -- everything stayed in place!
Now, instead of rummaging through all my garbage, I just grab the As Seen on TV money clip and pay away! My purse is still super cluttered, but at least I'm not annoying everyone behind me in line.

Go ahead and treat yourself to simplification, buy Slim Clip online and get one free -- it also comes with a neat little key ring light too (just in case you still have to spelunk into your purse once in a while).