Versatile SLICE-O-MATIC slices, chops, and juliennes for you. Sharp blades with streamlined action cuts perfectly without the need of electricity. With a catch basin, that old fashioned mandolin slicer is inadequate in comparison. Get rid of the burden of the most work intensive kitchen task and discover with this review what SLICE-O-MATIC can do.

SLICE-O-MATIC is a top loading vegetable chopper. It looks similar to a basket but the handle can be moved. The sharp blades are encased safely in the main body. Underneath it is a transparent receptacle that works as a catch basin for the chopped up vegetables.

This SLICE-O-MATIC reviews video will show you a demonstration of how it works and explain in detail the features that this vegetable slicer has.

When you use SLICE-O-MATIC, it is like having those large food processors. One of the main advantages of using this vegetable slicer is the you don't need to plug this in.

Portable and lightweight, it is easy to move around the kitchen area. Less bulky than other food processors, the ungainly handling of a mandolin slicer is no longer an issue. Since the blades are located underneath the feed tube, by placing in the vegetables to be processed, it is a much safer way to cut things up, as this feature eliminates the risk of your hands touching the blade.

With a lever action, when the handle is move up and down, the gears turn, to give you machine-like efficiency. After the food item is sliced into even circles of desired thickness, julienned, or chopped into small pieces by moving the handle, it will fall down into the transparent catch basin. Since this part is see-through, you can monitor what you have cut. When you are done, you may leave them in this catch basin until you are ready to pour out the processed vegetables.

SLICE-O-MATIC is the quick, easy, and safe way to prepare vegetables. The food prepared with it are uniformly chopped. In addition to this, food handling is more sanitary. When you use this vegetable slicer, this kind of work process is made simple. Every kitchen should have a SLICE-O-MATIC, as it helps make cutting up vegetables a chore that even a child can do.

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