I live in the desert and the sun and heat take a toll on my car's paint, but I got some Simoniz Liquid Diamond -- As Seen On TV -- and it has really made a difference.

Not long ago, I noticed that my once nice and shiny car ended up looking years older after spending just one summer in the hot and bright desert.

I can't afford to take my car in for a new paint job after every summer. I just accepted that dull and sun damaged cars where a part of life when you live in the desert.

One day I talked to a neighbor and asked him how he kept his cars paint in such good condition considering that he too lives in the desert. That's when he told me about Simoniz Liquid Diamond, it's a product that brings a shine to your car without all of the rubbing, buffing, and powder residue that other products leave behind.

I went ahead and purchased the Simoniz Liquid Diamond because my neighbor had made it sound like such a great product. I also decided that I needed to give anything a try that he claimed was the reason for his cars paint staying so fresh and shiny looking. I really didn't have much doubt in the product not working well since I had seen the wonderful results that my neighbor had received from the product.

When the Simoniz Liquid Diamond arrived I was impressed that it came with a motorized sprayer which allows it to spray evenly and with little effort on your part. You just spray it on your car, it can be applied when your car is wet or dry. Then you take the polishing towel that comes with it and go over the car lightly. The end result on my car was amazing.

I couldn't believe the difference in the condition of my cars paint. See for yourself, buy Simoniz Liquid Diamond, it is definitely something that everyone should have in their garage.