Do you always worry about wardrobe malfunction every time you leave the house? Do you wish to have a reliable product you can use to prevent any fashion fiasco from happening to you?

When it comes to designer fashion tape, Show Stoppers is the name. Considered as the perfect fashion accessory for women, Show Stoppers can be used to keep your fashion fastened. Show Stoppers can help you fix a revealing dress so there’s no need to worry about your dress accidentally revealing too much.

Show Stoppers can also be used to close a shirt gap. A shirt gap can be embarrassing especially if you travel to and from work using public transportation. Some commuters may care to let you know about it but others won’t even bother and this is where using Show Stoppers becomes helpful.

Do you sometimes have a problem concealing your bra straps? Then try Show Stoppers to easily hide your bra straps in seconds. Now there is no need to look at the mirror every minute just to check if your bra straps are showing. Let Show Stoppers take care of this dilemma and you can enjoy the day doing your tasks. There are also instances when creating the perfect hem seems impossible however with Show Stoppers it can be done with ease.

So how do you use the product? Using Show Stoppers is as easy as 1-2-3. You just peel the tape, place the Show Stoppers in the area desired, press it, and you’re done.

Show Stoppers is the most durable fashion tape that is available right now. It comes with durable foam adhesive that can last up to 8 hours. You don’t have to worry about your outfit having residue as the adhesive does not leave any. Show Stoppers also comes in a portable and convenient packaging. You can bring a pack inside your purse or you can place them inside your desk in the office in case you need one while at work.

The product is also available in innovative colors. You will be able to use the colors that will compliment the outfit you are wearing for the day.

Show Stoppers comes with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo. For a small amount you get 24 nude strips, 24 black strips, a free evening bag as bonus, and free Top 10 Celebrity Stylist Secrets to Looking Your Best. You only need to pay separate shipping and handling fee and you get all these items.

Why go through the hassle of wardrobe disaster when you can prevent it using Show Stoppers? With Show Stoppers, you can wear whatever you want with confidence and style without the danger of your outfit exposing what shouldn’t be exposed.