Like most women, I cannot have enough shoes. But I just streamlined my pile of footwear with Shoes Under, what a space saver!

Every time I see a cute pair of shoes, I go into a sort of trance -- and when I come out of it, I've spent too much money, but I have a killer pair of shoes! My shoe-hoarding habits have started to catch up with me though. I'm simply running out of space for all those cute shoes. I tried all kinds of those shoe storage solutions to cut down on the clutter, but they were either too much of a hassle or just in the way -- and soon enough they were in the pile with my shoes.

Eventually, I saw the As Seen On TV Shoes Under and it looked like the ideal shoe storage solution. I ordered it right away when I saw that Shoes Under has a buy one get one free deal.

When the pair of shoe drawers arrived, I threw out all my old shoe storage gizmos and dropped all my shoes in the handy little shoe holder. Basically, Shoes Under works as storage for shoes under the bed or at the bottom of your closet. It's basically an oversized shoe drawer that you can slip under your bed and pull out with the handle. I put them both under my bed and opened up a ton of room on my closet floor. It was so painless to use I even left shoes that I wore routinely in the drawer for easy access.

It's great for matching shoes to your outfit too! You can just pull it out from under your bed and see all the shoes right there, then just pick the right color and go!

I love the simple elegance of the contraption, it just works without any hassle. Now I just have to go buy some more shoes to fill it all up!

Go buy Shoes Under and stop fighting with clutter or sub-par shoe storage solutions.