shiatsumassagechairIf you crave for professional massages every now and then and yet find them a tad too expensive and time consuming (going all the way to the massage parlor), the Shiatsu Massage may be just what the doctor ordered for your tired nerves really. With this convenient product it has become relatively easy to get a proficient massage at anytime during the day. You could be doing anything- relaxing in your home, traveling by car or sifting files at your workplace, while getting an expert, relaxing massage at the same time.

The Shiatsu Massage Chair is great for relieving muscular tension in the back, bottom and thighs that lead to common ailments, which may at times transform into serious disorders if ignored for too long. Not just that, the product also expedites blood circulation through its kneading technology that deftly imitates a hand massage. The kneading, rolling, pressing and vibrating processes are so near perfect that it’s actually difficult to tell a machine is at work.

Shiatsu Massage chair provides the personalization and touch of the human hand along with the convenience and dexterity of a machine. The product comes with four multi massage heads that can easily access several difficult to get to areas of the neck, back, waist and thighs for a relaxing kneading session. There are five customized massage programs from top to bottom that melt away your muscular tension and the chair is completely remote control operated for added convenience.

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The Shiatsu Chair comes with comfortable double built-in vibrating motors, which offers technology that combines kneading and vibrations to offer complete results. There are three massage variations for the upper back, lower back and full back and the nicest part is you can adjust the devise to three intensity levels starting from weak, going up to mild and strong.

A largely convenient product, the Shiatsu Massage Chair reduces time consuming trips to the massage parlor and offers a professional massage in a setting for your choice, while helping you save money. Back pain, stress or muscular tension doesn’t really come with a prior announcement, so it helps to have a product handy when you just feel like a massage anytime of the day.