I just tried out the Shape-N-Tone body control system to fight my little fluctuating gut, it was kind of weird at first, but it sure did work well!

When it came in the mail, I opened it thinking it would be some sort of strange belt with diodes and stuff sticking out, but it just looked like a hernia belt or something. I sat down in front of the TV and cranked it up and WOW -- it was pretty intense! I turned it down toward the beginner end of the dial, I never thought one of these as seen on tv ab belts would be so powerful.

The belt works by stimulating your nerves with mild electricity, which contracts the muscles, just like you would by doing sit ups or crunches. I wore it in front of the TV, while doing dishes and while vaccuming the house, it was great!

Before I got the Shape-N-Tone ab belt, a lot of friends and people that read this site would ask me "do ab belts work?" I never thought they would do a whole lot, but now I can answer with an emphatic YES! After two weeks, my entire abdominal area felt much firmer. Instead of doing countless crunches and silly sit ups all and only targeting one or two muscles, the ab belt as seen on TV targeted ALL my abdominal muscles.

It really felt like the ab belt was stimulating muscles deep into my core, I was really surprised how well it worked. The fact that it was so portable was great too, I sometimes even wear it on a walk around the local park.

I highly reccomend the Shape-N-Tone by Sport Elec, just start slow, it can really crunch your gut if you turn it too high too fast. However, it's nice to know that the belt has such a range of workouts.

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