Make salads fast with Salad Chef, the only food processing system that you can use from start to finish to make perfect salads. Salad Chef takes the work out of creating salads, lessens the food prep time, and the things that you have to wash. Organize these work-intensive kitchen tasks to make it easy when you own the new Salad Chef.

What are the steps in making a salad? If you are making a garden fresh vegetable salad, it would be to chop, slice, dice, cube, julienne, shred, or grate the ingredients. How tasking is that? With the Salad Chef, you simply place the veggies that you want on top. It has a slicing lid with various blades to use to process these veggies by pressing down on them.

Watch this Salad Chef review video to see it in action.

When the veggies have been chopped, the prepared ingredients drop down to the container. This large container has a number of purposes. When you place in the spinner part, you can rinse the vegetables and spin them dry. You can use this container to hold the vegebles as you prepare them. It can even be layered for presentation as it is see-thru. You can use it as a mixing bowl, a serving bowl, and as storage, too.

Never before has there been an all-in-one economical solution for making salads as the Salad Chef. Dishwasher-safe, you can take it along during cook-outs or camping as you don't need to plug it in. Make fantastic salads every time as when the vegetables and other soft ingredients are chopped, they will be as uniform as possible. You can make so many different kinds of salads, especially since the Salad Chef Recipe Book shall be included when you purchase the complete set for less than twenty dollars.

Other vegetable chopper reviews have limited use. You can use those products featured in the other reviews to prepare your ingredients but not to rinse them, spin, or serve it. Only this Salad Chef review can help you prepare salads like never before with the ease of using this inexpensive solution that makes salad making a dream.

If you don't make salads as often as you want to because of the work it entails, if you would like to prepare better salads, if you want to chop up vegetables and other soft ingredients such as boiled eggs for your other dishes in a jiffy, your kitchen assistant that will make these food processing tasks into a breeze is the Salad Chef. Become an expert salad maker and serve it with style. No one will ever know that you took only a short time preparing it with your new Salad Chef as your salads will look amazing.