This SALAD CHEF review introduces a total salad processor. With the SALAD CHEF, from start to finish, making a salad and more is easy. Other salad maker reviews cut down the process but this one does it all! When it comes to food preparation, if you want to make a salad recipe in minutes, this SALAD CHEF review is for you!

The Salad Making System

When it comes to innovation, AsSeenOnTV products leads the way to make life a lot easier for you, especially when it comes to tackling the most difficult kitchen task which is chopping ingredients.

As you will discover with this SALAD CHEF review, another AsSeenOnTV product helps you create great salads and more with it's multi-functional features. Aside from having a number of uses, the versatility of use of such an inexpensive kitchen helper makes the SALAD CHEF an excellent purchase.

The entire process of making a salad is done fast with the SALAD CHEF. What all other salad maker reviews can't do, this SALAD CHEF review can!

Streamline and Speed Up the Process

#1 Chop the Ingredients

With a Sturdy Slicing Lid, that has various slicing blades made hardened stainless steel that never get dull. This razor sharp food chopper may be used to slice, dice, julienne, and grate.

#2 Rinsing the Ingredients

There are some food items that need to be rinsed, such as salad greens and macaroni noodles, and when you need to, SALAD CHEF has the perfect strainer basket.

#3 Removing the Water

Who wants a soggy green salad? No one! Instead of placing the greens in a strainer, tossing in inside a tea towel, using a separate salad spinner, with a pushing action, the SALAD CHEF spin-dries the vegetables.

#4 Mixing and Tossing

While chopping, get to see how much ingredients have dropped into the clear catch basin container. Layer it on to make it appealing if storing. Mix it or toss it inside the container.

#5 Serving the Salad

Take of the SALAD CHEF chopping lid and serve what you had prepared immediately. Seal with the special lid and store in the refrigerator.

AsSeenOnTV Exclusive

When you want to own a salad maker that is portable, uses no electricity, speeds up the work process, and may be used as a food chopper, vegetable spinner, draining basket, and sealed container, the most practical and appealing kitchen tool is the one presented in this SALAD CHEF review.

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The SALAD CHEF is the VERSATILE kitchen tool.


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