Riddex-PlusI hate bugs! Yuck, seeing some creepy crawly thing walk up my wall really grosses me out, so before the bugs came out this spring I decided to get the Riddex Plus plug-in pest control gadget.

I saw Riddex Plus on one of those As Seen on TV infomercials a while back, and the commercial really grossed me out. Even the obviously fake bugs crawling up the walls gave me the heebie jeebies. I had an exterminator come in a couple years ago and spray along the edges of my house, but just watching him douse my house with all those chemicals almost made me feel worse than seeing a bug or mouse.

Watch the Riddex Plus Commercial Video as Seen on TV

I decided to give the Riddex plugin pest control system a try before I went back to the exterminator. It has a money back guarantee, so I thought what the heck!

The offer came with a pair of the Riddex Plus devices, so I put one in my bedroom and one in my basement laundry room -- where bugs love to hang out. I was skeptical at first, I didn't see how something electronic could scare bugs away. But basically the device makes what it calls digital pulses that travel through the wires in your walls and annoys pests into packing up. I always got an influx of centipedes in the spring, so even with the plugin pest controller plugged in, I was on edge. But sure enough there were no bugs!

I won't claim to understand how it works at all, maybe it's magic. But I will claim that it works like a charm with no chemicals!

I haven’t seen a single centipede, mouse or any other bug in my house so far. Also, unlike ant and other traps, it will never attract bugs to poison bait, meaning they have no reason at all to come in your house.

So if you're like me and hate bugs and mice, but are wary about those toxic chemicals in your home, you owe it to yourself to try this non-toxic pest tool.

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