The series, the online game, and now - the 3D Redaki Trading Cards. Awesome game play for boys! Trading cards that are made of plastic, so durable, that hours of play can be done! Ready for the newest way to play? Here's the review of what a school boy wants!

Two game plays. When you use ordinary playing cards, there are a number of games that can be played. Most trading cards cannot be played. Redaki Trading Cards has 2 ways to be used as a game.

Unlimited fun is what this means. No need to go online to play. It's the ruling game, the trend nowadays... If you have been wondering what to give to a boy who has everything, the gift that is always welcome is Redaki Trading Cards.

The game play is similar to the online Redaki one. The power is Kairu. It might be unknown to you, but little boys know what it is all about! Imaging how excited a child would be, how they would be jumping up and down, studying each card carefully, if they get the 43 deck of Redaki Trading Cards.

Collectible cards that won't deteriorate because of handling since they are made of plastic. These can get wet and be held. When the battle action gets frantic, the cards will stay intact and won't tear! And these are 3 dimensional, so the way they look are great!

Every card has a designated value. These can be traded to upgrade or for a kid to collect their favorite ones. Collecting trading cards has been done by boys since the time of Babe Ruth. Boys love to collect things, and this is this trading cards can provide them with the hobby that they might have been yearning for.

For children, playing is serious. Giving them good games will teach them social skills. Playing with other children helps them to interact. Owning collectible cards shall teach them how to take care of things.

One of the best gifts to give a boy are Redaki Trading Cards. The set includes the 43 piece Deck of X-cards, 3 Character Bays, 1 Card Screen with Character Counter, and 1 Draw Deck.