My floors get pretty grubby pretty fast, I'm not big on sweeping and I don’t have one of those awesome vacuum robots (yet!), so the Quick Shine floor restoration was great.

After a month of just walking around on my wood floors, there are ugly wear marks where I typically walk -- from my bedroom to the refrigerator to the TV. Mopping helps for about five minutes, and those mopping additives for wood floors don't last much longer.

I went searching one day for something to really put the old shine into my floor, but those laminantes, floor oils and floor polymers are incredibly expensive. I was looking at $100 just to pour some gunk on my floor -- no thanks.

So, I was just staring at my ugly wooden floor and wishing I had the money to blow on making it look really nice and I saw the Quickshine infomercial. It looked too good to be true. Basically, the commercial said, just wipe on the floor polymer the hardwood floor and dry it into a beautiful shine.
The only floor care equipment that it came with was a Swiffer-like broom to clean the floor before using the stuff. I was especially sold because it wasn’t just a floor wax that would wear off, it actually turned into a glue like substance so it stays on the floor really well.
I ordered it right away and got everything off my hardwood floor in anticipation. When it came I did one quick mop with their sweeper and put the stuff down. I went out to get a cup of coffee with a friend and when I came home it looked like I had new hardwood floors! I even put some on my laminated flooring, it looked brand new too!

It says I only need to reapply the Quickshine floor care product ever three to four months. I could tell right away that it was incredibly durable.

Check it out! Buy quicksilver online and don’t waste money on your floor.