pocket-purifierDo the thoughts of accessing everyday electronics or crowded places like say the office computer or a public toilet make you paranoid about the germs that you’ll be attracting and breeding? If you tweak your nose every time someone asks to borrow your phone (and the reason is not the precious call minutes) you know for sure that it’s an open invitation for harmful bacteria. Every place right from your gym floor to your cutting board, your grocery store and even your baby’s teeter lying on the ground is catching hazardous bacteria before you can say germ. This is why a product like Pocket Purifier™ that works wonders on germs with its hand held germicidal light technology is not a luxury but a necessity, taking into consideration your rendezvous with germs during every single moment of your waking life.

Desktops alone have a staggering 21,000 germs per square inch and phones have over 25,000 live germs residing on their surface per square inch in comparison to a mere 49 per square inch on a toilet seat. And we thought toilets were the dirtiest, most harmful and germ-prone places.

The Pocket Purifier™ Handheld Germ Eliminating Light is light, convenient, works effectively in sanitizing objects and surfaces with the same powerful technology that is used to sterilize surgical instruments- the UV-C technique. Take any high touch surface and with its Ultraviolet light and nanotechnology, Pocket Purifier™ will quickly get into combative mode to kill 99.9% of germs in an environmentally friendly way without the use of any chemicals whatsoever. The product is a hands-down solution for bacteria that lead to persistent cold, flu, mold, fungus and salmonella.

Pocket Purifier™ has a built in 4watt germicidal ultraviolet light that acts as a lethal weapon for deactivating the DNA of viruses, bacteria and other unsafe pathogens, thus eliminating their capacity to breed. The product starts working within 10-15 minutes of coming in contact with various objects and surfaces like baby toys, electronics, clothing bags, kitchen counters and a whole lot of others, without causing any damage to the items that are being disinfected. A UV-C bulb lasts for 9,000 hours and can be replaced without much trouble. The Pocket Purifier™ comes in handy single, double and family-friendly four packs.

The product is truly a pint sized dynamite that silently and effectively kills germs.