healthy cflA nice, healthy and multi-purpose product, Purely Healthy CFL looks like any other fluorescent light bulb except that this dexterous product also performs the task of purifying the air and boosting energy while reducing carbon dioxide and helping you save a few pennies in the bargain. Not a bad deal. Healthy CFL is devised on the lines of a revolutionary technology that cleanses the atmosphere of multiple impurities to offer a healthier and purer breathing environment.

Not just that, the product is also known to possess built-in ionizers that helps in combating dangerous draining effects emitted by the positive ions of gadgets like computers, televisions and even cell phones. Healthy CFL releases a continuous stream of fresh negative ions into the atmosphere for healthier ventilation and helps in energizing the air instantly without too much fuss. Emission of revitalizing negative ions translates into a boost in the serotonin levels within the blood and increases the flow of oxygen inside the human brain.

Energy efficiency is another attractive feature of Healthy CFL. In fact it uses only 1/5 of the energy utilized by a regular incandescent bulb. The product is EnergyStar rated for its low consumption and has a life span of approximately 10,000 hours. Apart from saving energy and money, CFL Energy reduces carbon footprint and slashes CO2 (carbon dioxide) by more than 750 lbs.

If you have people in your house suffering from some kind of air-borne allergies, the purifying property of the product makes it an ideal appliance for fighting allergies and asthma. CFL Energy is also a necessary addition at vet clinics, kennels and grooming facilities for animals since it effectively fights animal dander indoors.

While most negative ion generators retail for nothing less than $50.00 or more at times, PET CFL is an economical package of a purifier, ionizer and an energy-efficient electricity device at less than half the price of an ion generator. You can choose from 3 Kevin light intensities-Bright White (3500K), Full Spectrum (5,000K) and Full Spectrum Daylight (6500K).

In short Purely Healthy CFL is a super convenient product for getting rid of contaminants in the air and leaving the atmosphere healthier, refreshed and free of allergy producing irritants in a cost and energy efficient manner.