Pro CaulkEvery so often your kitchen and bathroom needs to be sealed. The caulk put in between tiles, on edges of counter tops or bathtubs, around sinks and taps crack and need reapplication. Getting a professional to do these jobs can be very expensive. And if you've tried applying caulk yourself, using your handy finger, your natural applicator just won't get caulk into the cracks and interiors smoothly and clean-looking. Here's a way to do it yourself without hiring an expensive pro for the job - Pro Caulk.

Pro Caulk is a professional-grade sealing system that enables you to apply caulk with a flawless finish in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere where there are tiles and counter tops. Use it indoors for grouting between tiles, filling cracks and gaps, and smoothing out hard-to-reach joints and corners in the kitchen and bath. Outdoors, use it to seal door and window frames to protect your home from water seepage, insects and winter drafts. Pro Caulk is even good with hobbies that require sealing as well as for sealing aquarium sides. With every order of Pro Caulk you get 2 discs (one for large sealing tasks and another for smaller sealing tasks and grouting). Each disc has 4 sides with a different contour on each side so that you can apply silicone and finish it off with a sleek and clean look no matter what the shape of your sink, counter top edges or bathroom. You can do 90-degree angles, 45 degrees, concave seals as well as in-between tiles. In addition to the 2 discs, you get a mini-tool for tasks requiring sealing in hard-to-reach places, a silicone remover tool and an 82.8ml tube of silicone.

Save on the cost to have a professional do your sealing requirements. With just Pro Caulk you will easily get the same professional finish in your kitchen, bath or wherever you have sealing tasks.

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