Potty PatchWhen you have an indoor dog it can be very difficult to potty train them. You may have already tried to get them to use puppy pads, many times the dogs just don't like to go on these pads. Some people resort to newspapers, but these will leak and you will end up having your dogs urine soak through to your flooring. There is a great product out there that will help you when it comes to training your dog where to go inside of your home. This product is called the Potty Patch and it will make all of the difference to your home.

The great thing about the Potty Patch is that it is a piece of real grass, dogs naturally prefer to use the grass when it comes to going potty. This makes it very easy for you to coax them to use the Potty Patch. Another good thing about this product is that it is easy to clean up, you pick up the defecation just as you would if your dog went on the grass outside. When your dog urinates it will go through the grass and make its way down into a pan that is located under the grass. The pan is easy for you to rinse out after your pet urinates. There is a grate in between the grass and the pan which keeps the grass fresh and out of the urine.

The Potty Patch comes in different sizes so that you will be able to get the right sized one to meet the needs of your dog. While you will find that this is the perfect thing for your house, you can also put it out on the patio. Many people do feel more comfortable with it on their patio. If your dog spends most of their time indoors, then you will want to make sure you try the Potty Patch.

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