I work almost exclusively on my laptop, sitting in front of my television. But after a while either my hands start to cramp up or I need to keep readjusting my computer. But buy a Porta-Book Laptop Stand has me typing like a madwoman for as long as I can go!

I first saw the Porta Book laptop holder on one of those late-night infomercials. It looked like something that would be ideal for college students in class or something. But it could be a wonderful thing for anyone using a laptop as their main computer.

I ordered it right away before my hands cramped up again.

When it came, I was quite happy with how study it was. Some of these infomercial gadgets I've used are pretty flimsy, but this was really solid. My laptop was held in place well by a pair of heavy-duty elastic bands. It was perfect for sitting on the couch and typing. There are five positions to put the Portabook laptop holder at different angles. The angles were a little goofy to get used to, but they keep my hands up in the air so they have a wide range of motion without resting on the laptop (or my coffee table) -- which leads to cramping. I didn’t even think about it when I first ordered it, but the higher positions were awesome for watching movies in bed or in the car -- anywhere I don't have my entertainment center.

The best thing about the Porta-Book laptop holder As Seen on TV was I could carry it anywhere! It stuck right with my laptop. I brought my new little laptop computer holder to the coffee shop and someone actually came over and asked me about it. And when I was done, I just folded it all up into a neat little package and walked out the door.

A writer friend bought one after she saw mine. She doesn’t have a laptop, but she said she uses it to hold up her writing at her desk so she doesn’t have to strain her neck or lose her place when she is rewriting it on the computer.

Overall, I really recommend this. It's perfect for anyone with a laptop, or anyone that just needs a handy stand for books or a portable DVD player stand.

Check it out! Go to their site and buy a Porta-Book Laptop Stand, your neck and hands will never cramp again!