Who doesn’t love a laid back get-together every now and then? Fun company, relaxed ambience, great food… Now, if only there was just a way for you to enjoy all that instead of juggling your meal and drink—and without worrying about spilling them on yourself or on someone else. Luckily, there is now the Picnic Plate Caddy, your new best friend at picnics, barbecues, house parties and more. The Picnic Plate Caddy lets you hold your drink, plate, utensils and napkin with just one hand, allowing you to move more freely and use your free hand for other things as you mingle with friends and family. The design of this simple yet clever holder also allows it to be placed on your lap or any flat surface, so you can put your meal down as needed, and pick it up again in a second when you want to move to another spot at the gathering.

Picnics, outings, and parties are always lots of fun, and they can now be hassle-free too thanks to the Picnic Plate Caddy. More than just a tray, this uniquely designed holder can be used with any standard size plate, plastic, glass, or even disposable. You can also use the Picnic Plate Caddy no matter what your drink of choice may be. Use it not just with glasses but also with wine glasses, bottles, cups and cans.

The Picnic Plate Caddy makes meal time at get-togethers a breeze, but is cleaning it a breeze too? Moms, party hosts, and anyone in charge of tidying up after the fun will be thrilled to know that it is. The Picnic Plate Caddy is not just lightweight and durable; it is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to tidy up after a long day or long night. To top it all off, storing it is also no hassle. The Picnic Plate Caddy is stackable, so no matter how few or how many you may have at home, you get to maximize your precious kitchen and pantry space.

The next time you have a meal at the beach, go on a picnic, or have any gathering with relatives, friends or colleagues, make it more enjoyable and more convenient with the Picnic Plate Caddy. Get your very own set today!