How to prevent vehicle upholstery from getting dirty?

Use a blanket-like protector made from waterproof material. Pet hair, urine, claw marks, and the unavoidable pet smell will ruin the upholstery and the vehicle carpet flooring. Drape over the backseat, strap to secure, or cover the flooring with a Pet Rider. Removable, wipes clean, machine washable, place it as needed and take it out to store.

What happens to area of the vehicle where the pet stays while riding? The trip may just be a joy ride or a necessary visit to the vet. Pet hair will shed, they might drool, wipe their mouth or butt on what they are on, scratch it, and leave a lingering odor. The worse scenario would be if the pet throws up or poops!

Make sure clean up is easy with Pet Rider.

And, it’s not just exclusively to use for pets - it can help protect the interior from kids when they spill drinks or create a mess, too.

Plus, it may be used when transporting things like potted plants, soil, and even fish, to protect the surface that these will be placed on.

Customize to fit. Be it a bucket seat or the back, a Pet Rider can surely cover it. With strap to secure it, there are even ready made slots for the seat belt straps. Use like a throw - it’s ready to prevent any mess from getting on the leather or fabric upholstery.

No need to install or figure out what section to use. A large back seat, the cargo area of an SUV, or the front seat, place the Pet Rider blanket-like protector. Watch the video.

What do you use to protect the vehicle interior? Newspapers, plastic linings, or nothing at all? Cleaning up the interior is tasking and can be costly. With Pet Rider, save yourself the trouble.

If the mess is wet, wipe it of with a disposable towel, rag, or sponge. If it’s dry, take off the Pet Rider and shake to remove the dirt. Once in a while, clean it well with a few spins in the washing machine. Fold away to keep it tucked out of sight in the vehicle trunk or under a seat. Take it out and place it on when a pet rides to ensure your vehicle is always neat and clean.

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