Perfect SwitchFeeling around in the dark for the lamp switch takes time and can be dangerous! The potential for stubbed toes and knocked-over lamps should be enough to convince anyone to seek a better option. With Perfect Switch you can connect any lamp to a convenient wall switch that you can place wherever you choose.

Electricians are expensive and having work done on your home is time consuming and inconvenient, but you don’t want to sacrifice your safety and that of your family. Children have to use the washroom frequently in the night and that last thing you want is for your child to be injured due to lack of light. With Perfect Switch you install the switch wherever you want, and connect it to whichever lamp is best, no professionals or electrical work required. All you do is peel and stick the switch where you want it and plug the receiver into an outlet and lamp. When you or your child hit the switch, the lamp turns on. It even works from 33 feet away! Because the switch is easy and safe to remove from the wall, you can start the switch at your child’s height and move it higher as he grows. The special adhesive won’t damage your paint and can adhere to any surface! it will always stick in your new choice location.

Now you cottage, bedroom, living room, garage and bathroom can be safer and brighter than ever! This product is so convenient anyone can install or reinstall it. You can ever take it with you on vacation or camping for use anywhere there is electricity!

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