The Perfect Sandwich Container is the sandwich keeper that keeps it fresh! It's the green way to prevent soggy sandwiches. If you pack your lunch or have the kids bring along a snack, you might be interested in reading this review why this new AsSeenOnTV product is called the Perfect Sandwich Container.

What are the common problems that happens with packed sandwiches? Even if you buy from a sandwich store, after being kept for a while, it can get soggy. The vegetables get wilted and squashed. How yucky are mushy sliced tomatoes and lettuce leaves that are turning brown?

With ordinary sandwich containers, the sandwich may  look unappetizing even if it is still edible.

Another common problems that occurs when sandwiches are kept for a few hours is the the juicy ingredients can make the bread soggy. If the bread is kinda wet, the texture is no longer as good as it should be. Another thing that happens is the color of the ingredients stain the others.

When you use the Perfect Sandwich Container, these things won't happen.

This is because the Perfect Sandwich Container has special dividers called the FLEXtech. These separators have the versatility needed. That's because one can convert the Perfect Sandwich Container to a build-a-sandwich stack or place a complete sandwich inside.

Another feature that this  sandwich keeper has is the PerfectCHILL factor. When the sandwich is placed inside it and kept in the ref or at room temperature, it will stay fresh for a longer period of time. Eliminate the ill effects of storage such as having hard bread when you use the Perfect Sandwich Container.

Instead of using plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, paper towels, and aluminum foil, or that old sandwich keeper, you and your family deserved a well-packed meal. With the see-through cover, the sandwich will be very appetizing to look at when placed on a table to serve.

The Perfect Sandwich Container is a must-have for people who bring sandwiches along. It's great to have a collection of these containers for picnics and occasions as instead of serving a sandwich on an ordinary plate, it will be very presentable and remain fresh. Get the newest AsSeenOnTV sandwich keeper, the Perfect Sandwich Container.