PERFECT FIT BUTTON: perfect idea, perfect invention, perfect pants!

I am one of those people whose weight goes up and down, or more accurately my waist goes in and out, just like the seasons. But let's face it, in this economy we simply can't afford a wardrobe for every season (or for extra winter weight or for summer slim down). Shirts and tops tend to be more forgiving but jeans and pants, not so much.

I consider myself a frugal fashionista and I am pretty good with a sewing machine. I even developed a pretty slick trick with elastic for the waistline in my pants (even ones with buttons and zippers). But alterations take time, patience, and some pretty clever thinking, especially when you want to be able to take clothes in and out repeatedly.

Recently I was trying to figure out a way to alter one of my favorite pairs of pants that had gotten too big for me. I didn't want to make permanent alterations and my elastic trick wasn't working for this particular pair of pants. I was ready to give the pants to a friend when she jokingly told me about Perfect Fit Buttons. Of course I Googled it, mainly because I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of Perfect Fit Buttons before.

It took me all of 3 minutes on the website to decide these would be my new secret wardrobe weapon.
The main selling point for me was that they were non permanent, removable and reusable. They also come in 4 colors, 2 of each (metal for jeans, black, brown and khaki). You never notice how many pairs of pants have 2 buttons until you have trouble squeezing into them!

The proof is in the pants so here are some pics...

Taking “in” my pants

Letting “out” my pants (you know that favorite pair from college you just can't part with)

BEST OF ALL, (and I didn't even think if it when I was buying them) replacing a lost button!

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