The Ped Egg is a small self-contained egg-shaped plastic and stainless foot file that is easy to use and gentle on the skin.

The Ped Egg has micro blades to shave rough dry skin and calluses from the bottom of your feet. This product is suppose to be easy extremely effective to use yet gentle on the skin.

Ped Egg's commercial has a lady using the Ped Egg on a balloon which does not pop with normal use of the foot file.

Ped Egg is More Effective than a Pumice Stone.

My review of the Ped Egg foot file is that the Ped Egg is actually a lot more effective than the pumice stone many of us are accustom to using for taking the dry dead skin off your feet.

Honestly, the only negative side to the Ped Egg is that you must having the shaving side facing upwards while you give yourself a pedicure otherwise the dry skin flakes will fall out of the egg and onto the floor.

Dead skin flake mess isn't a pretty thing, so using the Ped Egg effectively takes care of that.

Pedicure with a Ped Egg is actually quite nice. Just make sure you follow up with a nice lotion rub after your pedicure.

Watch someone using the Ped Egg on NBC news.

Ped Egg is great as I am happy with my nice soft feet these days.

The Ped Egg is available at many drug stores for just $10. But you can buy Ped Egg and get one FREE when you order Ped Egg online.

You also get a bottle of Miracle Foot Repair Cream, which I must admit is quite nice with a pleasant and relaxing aroma.

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