My family is big on pancakes, we eat them at least once a week, but now we're eating Pancake Puffs all the time haha!

I have always tried to fix pancakes in a variety of different ways. I make them with chocolate chips, jam, or even fresh berries. Eventually you feel like there's not much more you can do and not much more that you can add to them to change them up. One day I learned about the Pancake Puff, it is a pan that allows you to cook round pancake balls. You can turn them by just using a toothpick and flipping them.

When my Pancake Puff arrived I decided to use it the very next morning. I made the pancake puffs with pudding inside of them. Everyone in my family loved them. We have since had pancakes of all flavors and filled them with puddings and creams. I make them for my family every weekend now. When my kids have their friends over for sleep overs they make me promise to make pancake puffs for them. I have even brought them to church brunches and everyone raved about them and wanted the information on how they can make their own pancake puffs.

If you and your family love pancakes, then you will want to make sure that you purchase a pancake puff pan. It will have you making any type of pancake that you desire. They make for a great breakfast food, finger food, snack, or the perfect choice for you to bring to a brunch.

The adults love them just as much as the kids do. If you make these for your children's friends then your house will be the house that they will all want to go to. The pancake puffs are so easy to make that your younger children will even be able to help you out with them in the kitchen.

Buy the Pancake Puff griddle and turn breakfast into a party!