Palm Saddles, the unique gloves that protect the palm and let the fingers flex to the max, are the newest ones for work, athletic use, driving, and more.

You might have recognized this Palm Saddles reviews photo of the Major League Baseball Player, Steven Sapp. His review of these unique gloves state that the "Palm Saddles protect my hands and keeps my fingers properly aligned when I'm swinging the bat."

What are the kind of gloves that you are using now for work and for play? The minimalist glove are those that end on the wrist and have no fingertips. Those are commonly used for driving vehicles like dirt bikes. Work gloves typically fully cover the hands and these can be hot as they are thick, and the picking up small items is difficult because of the fingers being covered, making many actions clumsy.

Unless the kind of gloves needed are for the hands to be protected from dirt, chemicals, heat, and the like, why keep on using those old types of gloves?

Before, there was no choice. Now, there is! The hand protection that is utterly necessary for people who do sports, work out, drive, and do manual labor have been invented.

The newest kind of gloves in the world, the Palm Saddles, provides the wearer with:

Palm Saddles are gloves that provide freedom of movement. With each finger fully secure with a strong band, double reinforcement at the thumb, and a covered palm to be strapped on at the wrist, the fingers can wiggle and pick up things without hindrance from any kind of material.

Palm Saddles have unique glove protection. Padded at the most critical points, hold things like drills and handle bars for an extended period of time. Since it is padded, any heat, vibration, and the rough or tough texture of the item one is holding is held at bay.

Palm Saddles helps make the hands tire less easily. The strain of gripping an item such as a pull up bar is reduced. The impact on the palms is prevented by the pads that serve this other level of protection. Palm Saddles greatly reduces the risks from undue stress to the hands.

Palm Saddles is needed for No-Sweat hands. Aside from ensuring that the palms remain clean, the slippery wet palm sweat is prevented from going on the thing that one is holding. This helps reduce the chances of losing grip of smooth objects and getting sweat on the thing being held like a baseball bat.

Palm Saddles provides better gripping power. With the palms of the hands properly cushioned, the thumb reinforced for strength and to prevent muscle strain, the wrist supported, the fingers free, these unique gloves are ideal to use in most everyday situations such as:

- lifting weights
- holding tools like hammers and drills
- moving heavy things that require hand pressure like a power saw
- gripping the steering wheel
- holding handle bars for bikes
- handling bats like for baseball and cricket

What kind of gloves can on find in the market? Do those have the features of these unique gloves? How many uses do the other gloves have? The multi-purpose Palm Saddles are the perfect gloves for most people.

With this Palm Saddles review's online promo, a pair of Palm Saddles cost only $39.95. If you want to get an extra pair, the second costs just $19.98 + s&h.

Use your new pair of Palm Saddles practically anywhere. These look great, are comfortable, facilitate the protection that your hands need to reduce strain from tensed holding, gives support to the palms, wrist, and thumbs, and provides more freedom of movement than most other work and athletic gloves.